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For over 50 years Klenztone has been an industry leader in the development of masonry restoration products. Klenztone products do not contain corrosive acids or hydroxides, which means that they will not erode or “eat away” at the surface of the stone. This fact alone has made us the choice of thousands of restoration professionals worldwide. Along with restoration cleaners our product line offering includes every aspect of the restoration process from degreasers and grout cleaners to high performance sealers and strippers.
SAFER: Klenztone does not contain Hydrofluoric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Muriatic acid or Sodium Hydroxide as some other products do.
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M/s Alpha High-Tech Polyurethanes,
No. 38, 12th Main, 27th Cross,
Jayanagar IV Block,
Bangalore - 560 011
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e-mail: info@ahtp.in
TIME SAVING: To use Klenztone simply apply to the surface, wait and rinse. There is no pre-wetting, pre-washing, neutralizing, diluting or special rinsing required.
Won't damage the surface of stone
Incapable of burning stone
Requires no special equipment
Biodegradable/Environmentally safe
Won't burn user when contacting skin
Preserves masonry by removing impurities
  Remember, NONE OF OUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN CORROSIVE ACIDS as many similar products in the restoration business do. The acids used in other products actually eat away the top layer of the surface. Besides destroying property, the surface will be left raw, exposed and damaged. The KLENZTONE approach is different. It works by penetrating the pores and releasing the trapped dirt inside. That way, after rinsing with water, the loosened grime washes off, leaving the original masonry surface clean, hard and intact.
Hydrofluoric Acid
Causes servere burns
One of the most corrosive acids
Can permanently damage sight
Contact requires medical attention
Burns both skin and deeper tissue
Causes excruciating pain & burns
Hydrochloric Acid (Muriatic Acid)
Exposure may lead to death
Damages mostly anything it touches
Masonry surfaces become rough/etched
Can cause eye damage & blindness
Acid & vapors are highly corrosive
Extremely corrosive
Has been cited as a cause of cancer
Aerosols can cause pulmonary edema
Can cause permanent blindness
Can react violently with water
There are five basic reasons for cleaning a building.
To clean hydrocarbon pollutants.
To clean biological pollutants like algae & fungus.
To remove damaging oxides & acid residuces.
To open substrate's pores & allow normal breathing.