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Super Bond & Clean
Cleans and removes heavy duty soils from concrete surfaces. Ideal & ready to use cleaning solution prior to coating with Epoxy or Polyurethane.
Safe Etch
Safe Etch will remove the latents or top cream coat from the concrete without softening the concrete as Muriatic Acid does allowing you to etch smooth concrete. With Safe Etch there is now a better alternative to corrosive chemicals and mechanical blasting that prepares the surface for proper coating adhesion.
Safe Etch is used for Etching Smooth Concrete.
Tile & Brick Preparer
Tile & Brick Preparer (Glaze Stripper/Salt Preparation Solution)
Tile & Brick Preparer is a water-based salt solution which enables surfaces to be coated. It creates a superior base by not eating away any hard surface, and in addition, Tile & Brick Preparer will appear white on treated surfaces. This product deglosses the surface allowing for a proper surface to bond to any polyurethane, epoxy, or other type of paint being applied.
To use, just apply to a dry surface, then after allowing time for the product to work, rinse away with water. No special equipment is required, and Tile & Brick Preparer can be left on surfaces to dry, without harm.
Tile & Brick Preparer prepares surfaces to be coated Ceramic Tile, Brick, Porcelain, Other masonary surfaces.
Not Treated Treated
Not Treated   Treated
Not Treated    Treated
CSP is used to restore tile floors by removing soap scum and cleaning grout joints. It is also used to remove efflorescence from brick. In addition, CSP is ideal to use before sealing.
CSB has been specifically designed Cleaning new masonary, Removing efflorescence, Grout cleaning, Preparing concrete floors being coated.
Note: Product data sheet containing technical information & application instruction & Material safety data sheet is available for every KLENZTONE product presented in this website upon request.