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Klenztone 1
KLENZTONE #1 is designed for the hardest to clean masonry surfaces. It makes old buildings, driveways, sidewalks, building entrances and even transit platforms look like new again. In fact, KLENZTONE #1 cleans grease and oil so effectively, it's ideal for warehouse, factory, garage or your home. Use before applying new sealer.
Klenztone 2
KLENZTONE #2 is primarily the granite and marble cleaning forumla of KLENZTONE. Whether the object you want to clean is as small as a tombstone or as large as a multi-story building, Klenztone #2 will quickly and easily remove years worth of built up dirt and grime, revealing the natural beauty of stone hidden underneath.
Klenztone 3
KLENZTONE #3 is used for cleaning drivet/efis, because this surface is soft & color is a factor powerwashing & acid cleaning are not options. Klenztone #3 releases dirt & grime without discoloration or damage to the surface, and it can be rinsed with low pressure (200 psi), keeping the surface intact. Klenztone #3 is also used to clean Terrazzo, Travertine & Marble floors that have become dull and dingy after years of stripping and resealing.
Klenztone 4
KLENZTONE #4 makes cleaning many surfaces easy even the most sensitive types of masonry. Almost as rapidly as you can apply it, KLENZTONE #4 loosens the grime that ordinary cleaners can't touch. Then, after rinising with water, surfaces return to new masonry appearance.
Klenztone 5
Klenztone #5 has been specifically designed with the home owner in mind. It is the easiest to use of all the Klenztones because it can be used on almost all masonry surfaces. From cleaning oil off your driveway to soot off your fireplace and everything in between, Klenztone #5 is your everyday restoration cleaner.
Interior atmospheric pollution effects indoor walls differently than other masonry surfaces. Instead of just becoming dirty, like outdoors, they get stained as well. This effect is most apparent on white or light colored marble that, over a long period of time, turns yellow. When this condition occurs, walls which were once bright and beautiful become dingy looking and lifeless.
KL9 is a ready-to-use, water-based poultice that removes years worth of accumulated staining and makes marble walls beautiful again. KL9 is safe to use on highly polished finishes. It requires no mixing or special equipment. All you do is apply it, give it time to work, scrape off the dried material, and wash the surface clean with water.
KL9 i s used for Removing stains from Marble and other stone.
Superb is a concentrated cleaner degreaser which is extremely effective cleaning a wide variety of surfaces. From vinyl and leather to automobile motors and chassis, its powerful formula easily cuts through the toughest grease, oil and built up grime, leaving surfaces clean and beautiful looking. The more difficult the cleaning situation, the better Superb is to use.
Because it is highly concentrated, a little Superb goes a long way. On virtually any cleaning job, it is easy and economical to use.
In spite of its incredible strength, Superb is designed to be environmentally friendly. Its biodegradable formulation breaks down readily, does not cause smog, acid rain or deplete the ozone.
DBX Safety Paint Stripper and Sealer Remover : Removes any resin based coating
DBX is a non-hazardous, water-soluble paint stripping solution, which effectively softens coatings by expanding the molecules so that coating can be removed easily. It will not burn the person applying it. DBX works on conventional water-based and solvent-based paints, varnishes and sealers, as well as urethane and epoxy formulations.
Despite the fact DBX contains no highly toxic solvents or caustics, it retains benefits associated with each. DBX is a molecule expanding formula, so it works on virtually all types of coatings and sealers. DBX is also long lasting, so, like caustics, it is able to remove multiple layers of built up coatings without rapidly evaporating and losing its strength.
DBX has been specifically designed for stripping Paint, Urethanes, Expoxies, Floor Finishes & Sealers.
Coating Remover
Coating Remover : Removes any resin based coating
K&E Coating RemoverŪ is an extremely effective and easy to use stripper, which is ideal to use in almost any application. Coating Remover is a molecule expanding formula, so it works on virtually all coatings, including polyurethane and epoxy formulations. However, Coating Remover has a low volatility, so instead of evaporating rapidly, it remains on surfaces, working and softening. Coating Remover removes more paint in fewer applications than methylene chloride containing paint strippers, and because it is water-soluble and biodegradable, it cleans easily and is environmentally friendly.
Coating Remover has been specifically designed for stripping Paint, Urethanes, Expoxies, Floor Finishes & Sealers.
Mineral Sealer
A clear, odorless, water-based, non-flammable formulation that penetrates, seals, hardens, and protects a variety of surfaces. Minereal Sealer also helps to increase hardness and strength to cement, terrazzo, mortar and grout joints, and other masonry surfaces.
This product is not a surface film so it doesn't develop unsightly traffic patterns on floors. Also, Mineral Sealer will not chip from outdoor weathering as do paints, coatings, and plastic sealers.
Mineral Sealer Penetrates - Seals - Protects Terrazzo, Stone, Brick, Concrete, Unglazed Tile, Other Mineral / Masonary surfaces.
Klenzseal is used for sealing Concrete, Masonry Surfaces, Ceramic & Clay Tiles And Grout Lines and Wood.
Note: Product data sheet containing technical information & application instruction & Material safety data sheet is available for every KLENZTONE product presented in this website upon request.